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Human Resources

The Company seeks to provide and support Institutions, Organizations and Corporate Businesses with the following:

Job Placement: Locate and deliver the right staff within a certain time frame. We have a database that enables us to recruit all types of roles, from managers to loaders.

Employee Handbook: Containing the Company's Conditions of Service and other Company policies and procedures. Operations/Administrative Manual: Containing the day to day specific job tasks and roles in order to ensure continuity of work even when there are sudden terminations or separation of staff.

HR Manual: Containing legally approved processes and procedures. Outsourcing: Management of employees by our Company for Clients (this comprises managing employee leave, work schedules, payroll and other administrative functions) after placement if the Company does not wish to add them to the main stream, eg. Casual workers.

Training and Development: Organising various training schedules for specific groups. Performance Management Systems and AppraisalOrganisational Structure: Restructuring and streamlining of organizational charts.

Job Evaluation: Work assessment to monitor actual output of staff, matching of job titles with qualifications, experience, output and salaries. Benchmarking within the industry to ensure consistency with industry expectations.

HR Office Set Up For New Companies: The set up will include both manual and electronic systems. If the HR office is well set up it reduces administrative and operational errors and it aids companies to achieve their goals and hence increased profit margins.

HUMAN RESOURCE SUPPORT SERVICES: In pursuit of ensuring quality we also deal in the following products and services which assist and enhance the work of all Human Resource practitioners to manage data and to help administer with their most valued asset Employees Access Card with a Good Quality Card Reader: This ensures that only specific staff or visitors enter defined locations in a building or room. The machine allows the use of pictures, finger prints and card for identification.

Picture, Finger Print or Card Attendance (Clock In) Machine: This helps prevent or minimise employee absences, lateness and improves work effectiveness and ultimately ensures target achievement. This can use finger print, code, card or picture of employees.

Customized HR Software: This assists all Human Resource practitioners to complete their work with less hassle, less clutter and less errors. Reports can also be printed out to meet deadlines. This can be customized to meet the needs and requirements of all companies and organizations. It has the following features and more: Administration, Performance and Appraisal, Salaries and Benefits, Annual Leave and Absences etc